The app that unites us all
to regenerate the Earth
Successfully funded by supporters of the crowdfunding campaign at Benfeitoria.



OOTOPIA is a game for leveraging the regeneration of the planet where everyone wins.

Get inspired by the feed that promotes beautiful solutions to create a better world.
Access video lessons on how to have a much more sustainable lifestyle and how to include regenerative actions in your daily life.

Then, as a reward for your engagement, receive credits in OOz, a social currency that can be used to buy and exchange sustainable products helping the ethical economy.


Our mission is to help heal the planet from the serious environmental crisis we have caused.

Because the challenge is so big, we understand that we can only do this by joining forces.

That is why we are creating the OOTOPIA app: to bring together, promote, and empower the regenerative movement.

Do you want to contribute to making this happen?

"The new power is the development of mass participation and peer coordination to create change and shift outcomes." Jeremy Heimans



We want to share this solution with the world as soon as possible.

If you want to help us to make it happen, you can support

OOTOPIA by making a donation of any amount.

You will receive monthly reports on the development of the project.



Social Feed

Here you get inspired by amazing videos, stories, and posts about nature, sustainability, and regenerative actions. You can share, comment, and interact, just like any other social media.

Plus, you can organize the stories and learning journeys you liked in your library.

Learning Tracks

Here we share video lessons for practical learning in specific topics like making an urban garden, cooking vegan recipes, embracing the sharing economy, etc.


Each Learning Track has a combination of inspiring content and interactive activities like quizzes.

Regeneration Social Game


Meet your daily app engagement goal and earn credits in OOz social currency.


For every action you do in the app, like posting and watching videos, getting likes and completing learning trails, you earn OOz.

Global Community Achievement

And, by doing so, you help your city and even the world to achieve the daily regenerative goal!

OOz Wallet

Here you can check your balance in OOz and manage your transactions.

Ethical Market Place

This is the exchange platform where you can find products and services proposed by other OOTOPIANs and partners that you can purchase using your OOz.

Transparency, trust

and ethics

The OOTOPIA app is free to give full access to the learning, sharing, and collaboration of the regenerative movement.


Your personal data is protected and respected, always!
All information about OOTOPIA operations is open and its governance is collaborative.

Action time

Real change happens when we take action.
That's why if you spend too much time using the app, it will pause for a while and invite you to switch from the digital world to the natural.



Currency Designer &

O2 facilitator

Co-Initiator & 

Business Catalyzer

Co-Initiator & Head of Product Design

Computer Scientist

DAO Cultural Cultivator

Content Cultivator

Head of Marketing

Head of Inclusive AI



We would love to hear from you!
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When the app will be launched?

Our goal is to launch the first version of the app by June 2021. Sign up for the newsletter and follow us on social media to stay updated. 

Is the app free?

Yes, the app is free to download and all its content is free to access. For this to be possible we offer three possibilities of contribution.

1) Conscious membership: you can sign for a monthly contribution starting from 2 USD.

2) Sustainable Ads: you can activate the Sustainable Ad mode to help support OOTOPIA. This means you will eventually watch ads from companies with certification such as B-corp, organic, sustainable, or equivalent carefully selected by us.
3) Transaction Fees: a small percentage will be charged from sellers who sell directly through the OOTOPIA marketplace.

How are you addressing privacy concerns with data?

We defend the totally ethical and transparent use of data. Your information will be used strictly to improve your experience, accessing the best content within the application. It will never be sold or transferred to other companies.

How are you funding this project?

OOTOPIA did a successful crowdfunding campaign on the Benfeitoria platform in Brazil. Besides that, we are seeking impact investors to support the application's development.

Besides that, we are seeking as many as possible small and medium investors to support the application development and ledger system.

What does regeneration mean and what is this movement about?

Regeneration is the process of assisting the recovery of an ecosystem that has been degraded, damaged, or destroyed. Plus, learning to live in harmony with it. The movement is made by everyone who is helping to make it happen.

Why the app is called OOTOPIA? What is the difference between UTOPIA and OOTOPIA?

UTOPIA means the imaginary world in which everything and everyone works in perfect harmony. In greek, the "U" relates to “Nowhere” and “Topos” (topia) to "Place".
OOTOPIA, where the "OO" means combining form or unity, is a place of perfect harmony that exists within every one of us.
This way, the app OOTOPIA means the reunion of our internal and external world in perfect harmony.

Will you have an initial coin offering (ICO)?

This is not in our plans now. But in the future, OOT (OOTOPIA tokens) will be available for purchase to people interested in being part of the organization.