We are looking for people with a lot of enthusiasm to create a better world!

Check out the roles that need to be energized below:

1. Project manager (free-flow organizer): to organize the flow of tasks, assignments, goals, deadlines, etc. Someone to make the organization's gears run smoothly and smoothly! With extensive experience in startups and O2 system.

2. Director of Mkt and Communication (brand-communication-energizer): to orchestrate all communication and PR actions, both in traditional and digital media. With great knowledge of social networks and their tools. With experience in launching digital products (App). With a great feeling for graphic design and web design. With agency background and network of contacts to coherently energize all points of contact with people.

3. Weaver of partnerships (magnetic-weaver): with extensive experience in negotiations, presentations, and integration of projects and organizations. With super empathy and sociability to prospect and weave institutional, strategic, and commercial partnership relationships.

4. Producer of narratives and audiovisual content (regen-storyteller): to take care of the generation of content, stories, learning trails, promotional videos, etc. With great creative ability!

5. UX/UI designer (pixelar-artist) with extensive experience in developing social networking apps.



For all these roles, we are looking for people who already have extensive knowledge and experience in their area of expertise (senior level). People who are proactive, agile, and passionate about innovative projects.

​It is essential to be familiar with the regenerative movement in all its expressions.

It is essential to be fluent in English.

We work remotely, so any place on planet Earth with a good internet signal will be fine for co-creating with us.

As for remuneration, the values will be combined according to the role, degree of dedication and personal needs.



And, most important of all, we are looking for people who are as enthusiastic about OOTOPIA as we are. People who connect heartily and fully with the project and bring a vibrant energy to help make it a reality!!

Are you interested?

Send a message to introducing yourself and saying why you want to join the OOTOPIA team.

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